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About Our Firm

The attorneys at Malone & Nelson are not just your hometown lawyers, but are uniquely qualified to represent your interests in court in Tuscaloosa.

We have extensive experience in Tuscaloosa's courts – on both sides of the bench and on both sides of a case. Chuck Malone served as circuit judge in Tuscaloosa for over 13 years. He presided over a wide variety of cases but also had extensive courtroom experience prior to being elected.  We are also experienced in the United States District Court, Northern District, Western Division, which sits in Tuscaloosa. We are a full-service litigation firm, representing plaintiffs and defendants as primary and local counsel.

  • Personal injury

  • Contracts

  • Commercial

  • Creditors' rights

  • Bankruptcy

  • Domestic

  • Juvenile

  • Criminal

  • Car wreck

  • Truck accidents

  • Product liability

  • Insurance

  • Collections

  • Wrongful death

  • Fraud


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