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Mediation, Arbitration & Private Judging

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Alabama Mediator & Arbitrator

Malone & Nelson offers expertise and efficiency in resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, arbitration and private judging. These methods offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation and also allow for creative solutions. 

Since retiring from the bench, Chuck has focused his practice on providing mediation, arbitration and private judging services throughout the state of Alabama. He boasts extensive experience on the bench as both the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and as Circuit Judge, giving him the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills required to successfully mediate or arbitrate any dispute. He is highly-skilled as both a mediator and arbitrator, particularly in the areas of:

  • Appellate matters

  • Civil rights

  • Complex litigation

  • Criminal matters

  • Domestic relations

  • Employment and worker’s compensation

  • General commercial and contract disputes

  • Personal injury and wrongful death

  • Shareholder disputes


Criminal Mediation

Though not all criminal matters are suitable for mediation, minor misdemeanors such as assault, trespassing, destruction of property, harassment, and others can be successfully resolved through mediation. Criminal mediation offers the parties an opportunity to discuss the issues in a forum where a unique resolution can be achieved to the benefit of all involved. The prospect of a trial can cause anxiety for the offender and also the victim. Mediation provides an alternative to the uncertainty of the trial process. Chuck Malone has extensive experience on both sides of the bench in criminal matters and now offers criminal mediation services. 

Private Judging

In 2012, the Alabama Legislature enacted the Alabama Private Judge Act, authorizing the appointment of former or retired judges to serve as private judges in a wide variety of district and circuit court cases. Having served on the bench for 13 years, Chuck Malone can offer private judging as a form of alternative dispute resolution. Parties can file a written petition with the Circuit Clerk of the Court in which the action is pending requesting a private judge in cases that are founded on domestic relations, contract, tort, or a combination of contract and tort issues.

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