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Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy

About Our Firm

When your customers fail to pay, there are many options available for you to collect. Malone & Nelson can help you choose the right one and the legal one.

We have assisted creditors for many years in ensuring that their business and livelihood aren't affected by the lack of payment for the goods and services they have provided. We can help you on the front end, so that you are in the most secure position possible, and on the back end. We represent clients in the banking and finance industry as well as other businesses in:

  • Repossessing personal property

  • Foreclosing real property

  • Recovering possession of real property

  • Collecting delinquent accounts

  • Enforcing contract rights to payment and property

  • Creating, enforcing and liquidating liens of all types

  • Representing creditors in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcies


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