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Frequently Asked Questions on Divorce

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Will divorce affect my credit?

The filing of a divorce may not affect your credit score, but it could certainly affect how lenders view your creditworthiness, especially if your spouse generating income or had assets that the lender values. Likewise, how assets and liabilities are adjusted and distributed as a result of the divorce could affect your creditworthiness.

Will divorce lawyers take payments?

Some divorce lawyers may make arrangements for the payment of their fee, whether that is installments or otherwise.

Can divorce be settled out of court?

Most divorces, like other lawsuits, are settled out of court. This allows the parties to have some say in the outcome rather than relying on the decision of a third party, namely the judge.

How does divorce mediation work?

In a divorce, a mediation is a process where a neutral third-party helps the parties negotiate a resolution of some or all of the issues at stake in the divorce proceeding.

Are divorce settlements taxable?

Some portions of a divorce settlement may be taxable. The are many factors which determine what and how portions of a divorce settlement or award are taxed.

Are divorce records public in Alabama?

Most divorce records are public records in Alabama though there are processes and circumstances through which a court may determine that some or all of the court file should be sealed.

What is the difference in divorce vs. annulment?

Divorce is a process by which a marriage is ended. Annulment is a legal proceeding by which a court determines that the marriage never legally or technically occurred.

What is the difference in divorce vs. separation?

Divorce is a legal ending of a marriage and the duties and obligations that arise therefrom. A separation does not terminate the marriage or the duties and responsibilities arising therefrom.

If you have questions or need to discuss the possibility of separation or divroce, contat a divorce lawyer at Malone & Nelson today.

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